| Addressing Investors

Ankof Finance is a developing Lithuanian - European finance and leasing company.
The company joins the leasing companies association of the republic of lithuania and europe.
She also took measures to join the united leasing association of Europe.
The company aims at
One of the key vectors of our activity is the development of the operational direction in the field of agriculture, construction and production. The company aims to provide clients with a full range of services, as well as financing vehicles and equipment, which will help clients optimize and efficiently build their workflow.The ambitious tasks for the further development of the company are high, and looking at the results of work it is even more pleasant to realize its effectiveness. We are convinced that thanks to the effective work of the team of our company, our partners, clients and investors, we will achieve the implementation of the tasks set and the expected high result. 

Investment attractiveness factors

  • Highly efficient business model
  • Experienced and highly efficient management team
  • Favorable interest rate