Leasing for busines

This is a profitable way to purchase cars 
and special equipment, which allows you to:
  • save on VAT refunds
  • reduce income tax
  • receive government subsidies
  • receive exclusive discounts from manufacturers

Leasing for small and medium businesses

Leasing is a convenient, profitable and effective tool for small and medium-sized businesses. A sure way to quickly expand your business, renew fixed assets with a lack of external funding and without the diversion of working capital.

The main advantages of leasing for small and medium-sized businesses:

  • Optimization of taxation, by reducing the cost of paying property tax and offsetting VAT on all lease payments
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • The speed of concluding a leasing transaction in comparison with a loan
  • The ability to use leaseback to replenish working capital
  • Diversion of funds from circulation only in the amount of an advance (from 10% and not more than 49%)
  • Possibility of early closing of a leasing transaction without additional commissions and costs after 6 months
  • Convenience of repayment (taking into account the seasonality of the business)

Corporate leasing

We offer you the implementation of individual corporate leasing programs, including:
  • complete modernization of outdated production
  • expansion of industrial facilities
  • acquisition of complex and non-standard production facilities
  • a new direction within the existing production

Within the framework of corporate leasing, our company will develop for you individual financing conditions, taking into account your interests:

  • the size of the initial payment depending on the possibilities and economic feasibility
  • term depending on the complexity, the amount of the project and the time of its implementation
  • structure of the schedule of lease payments depending on the seasonality of the business, on the attraction of financing (decreasing, seasonal, annuity payments)

Basic requirements for the implementation of a corporate leasing project: 

  • work experience of the Client (Lessee) in a specific industry from 2 years
  • availability of a detailed business plan with substantiation of the main economic indicators
  • Within the framework of corporate leasing, we will definitely find a solution that suits your particular company.