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Mission :

We are a company focused on the future of leasing, vital for the growth of the economy. Our mission is to create maximum business value for our clients.

Vision :

Our vision is to be the best of the best in what we do, which means:
• clients prefer to contact us;
• competitors respect us;
• employees are proud of the success of their team;

Our approach to business and values :

• loyalty to team values;
• total quality management of the services we provide.

Activities :

International leasing of trucks and special-purpose equipment, Financing of complex projects of companies for the purchase of equipment, special equipment and machinery. Leasing to individual entrepreneurs. Equipment and car rental.

Work principles :

• Independence in judgment.
Taking into account the specifics of the company's activities, which require high professional skills and well-reasoned conclusions, we always observe the key rule in our work, which is to maintain independence.
• High quality.
The quality system is one of the most important factors in the company's success.
• Unchanging conditions in the process of work.
Taking into account the fact that the highest priority of the company is to maintain good relations with the Client, we never violate the previously agreed conditions in the process of work.
• Keeping the declared deadlines.
Observing the declared terms of work, the company thereby renders its respect to each client.